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Sendai Saga: the crazy graphic novel of the 13 Rebel Entities. The struggle for the domination of our dimension, between mysterious projects and powerful multinationals.

This is NOT a MANGA. It's a Collective G + TANGA production!

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About the 13

13 Rebellious and repudiate entities

Crazy, extravagant, cruel, melancholic, violent, greedy, indifferent, generous, enigmatic, morose…
They are so similar to us and so different!

Sui Dinasty, 600 AD. There was one of the fiercest solar storms in history. It was not only a spectacular manifestation of the energetic power of the Sun, but also a moment of transition and contact.

Since then, Figures unknown to most of us have been operating on our planet. Someone calls them Entities. Among them, a bit for fun, they use extravagant names, such as Travis the White Rat, or Shadow or Audora, the fire of Dalarna.

Exiled from their dimension, the Entities roam the land. Some are lost and lonely, but others have plans of power and domination. Still others – like TRAVIS –  limit themselves to enjoying the pleasures of our dimension, by intervening only when absolutely necessary.

Sendai Saga: the Fall and the rise of the 13 rebellious Entitites


 A compelling and original plot


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sendai saga travis
TRAVIS THE FIFTH or the White Rat
SHADOW THE THIRD, Master of Vision
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the Story

there is an ancient history, older than us humans

YEAR? 2047. When Superscience and capitalism compete and divide the world.
Wellness, miracle cures, a new Golden Age.
A long and happy life but not for everyone.



The professor and his secrets

Someone has kidnapped Abe Kan, Nobel Prize for medicine, but there is no request for money behind it. His knowledge is tempting to many and is at the center of dark plots.


hunting Richard

How much does the boy know?

Young Richard accidentally comes into possession of some files that speak of a hidden project. A project behind which IRCAS, the powerful World Organization for Scientific Research, hides.



Travis the Fifth, the White Rat

The hunt for Richard is on and he can only count on his uncle’s help, but above all on Travis’ protection. Would the Entity save him? Can he trust the White Rat?


interesting and unique


Rakhi Verma –

Sendai Saga is a Sci-Fi graphic novel with revolves around mysterious projects written by Peter Novak with the pen name Collective G.

I finished reading this book yesterday and found this interesting and unique. I really like the way the author has described each story with unique qualities and fascinating backgrounds. I found that the book requires readers’ full attention, and once you have given that, you will find the author has succeeded in creating a whole new universe full of imagination.

As I mentioned earlier it’s a graphic novel, and all the graphics used in this are imaginative, giving us the illusion of creativity and originality.

This book is a quick read, but if you like reading a book, gradually you will realize it’s better to take it slow and enjoy every bit of the book slowly.

Overall be prepared to get amazed by this unique and must-read book. 

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Adrenaline rises and your mind just starts to wander!!

If you like comics full of pumped muscles and shiny glitter, Sendai Saga is not for you!
But if you appreciate intricate stories, with action and also interesting dialogue, melancholy and a pinch of humor, Sendai Saga will captivate you and you will love it immediately.

Sendai Saga has a unique style, which mixes the novel with the illustration and the comic. EACH PAGE IS A SURPRISE FOR THE EYES AND THE MIND.

A few pages from the Italian edition

The style of SENDAI SAGA is a free and visionary graphic, which is linked to a clean, elegant and essential design, masterfully executed by the young and talented italian artist, Marco Cabras.

sendai saga CABRAS
A young and talented italian artist, Marco Cabras.

Chen Gao


Altai Sokan


Professor Abe

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A choral story that will take you to another dimension

Read Sendai Saga, the graphic novel, and discover characters like The Colonel, Shadow, Franziska, The Painter, Professor Abe, Marissa, Richard, Oshichi and – of course – Travis the White Rat!


about authors

Collective G is the name of a group of authors, linked to M.Iblas.

And who is M.Iblas? Thin, bald, bastard, he only loves cats and monkeys. He loves to write, but he also tries to play-badly-an old yellow and black guitar (a 1986 French LAG, to be exact). Now he’s old, and he looks wistfully at graceful beauties, sipping a Moonraker with too much brandy. He has done many jobs: advertising, failed musician, driving school teacher, tap dancer, he worked in a Micmet factory, but – guys! – there’s nothing to do when bad luck sticks to your butt. If you see him driving his little black car, stay away from him! And that’s it.

Collective G are all good guys. They are interested in music, visual arts and – of course – comics.